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Don Duguid

Founder, Principal and Senior Consultant


“Don is a dedicated professional. His attention to detail is exceptional and he is focused on customer needs. I would gladly endorse Don for any project related to the development of your sales professionals.” Scott Tibbels, Manager - PDP Channel, Acclivus Corporation

Don Duguid  Senior Partner            BeyondB2B

Don Duguid is BeyondB2B’s Senior Partner, Chairman of A&D Business Consultants, and co-founder of The Unique South Africa Trust.

A performance development consultant with a proven track record of delivering improved bottom-line results in the business-to-business arena by assessing sales & marketing needs, supply chain management, and all things Kaizen and implementing proven and validated solutions and measuring the results produced.

Working across multicultural boundaries with Blue Chip organizations, he has extensive experience in many industries including IT, industrial, telecommunications, chemical, petrochemical, biotechnology, management consulting, manufacturing and financial.

He holds a degree in mathematics from Southampton University.

His background is sales, sales management and channels management, marketing, consultancy, facilitating workshops, developing client specific programmes and delivering training for executives, sales & marketing, service and sales support professionals.

A regular speaker with The Institute of Directors and The Chamber of Commerce in the United Kingdom, he has also been an invited speaker at conferences in Athens, Brussels, Dallas, Melbourne, Tel Aviv, Paris, Prague and Rome. He is a keen observer of organizational and market trends and a key contributor to strategic sales and marketing planning with his clients.

As an authorized Performance Development Partner of Acclivus R3 Solutions®, he facilitates their sales training and also develops client specific performance development programmes. He facilitates workshops globally and is often to be found in China, Australia, Singapore, Africa, Malaysia and Israel as well as all the countries of the European Union.

His clients include Accenture, AT&T, McAfee, Bose Corporation, HP, CNH, Cummins, Dell, Emerson Process Management, Emerson Energy, Ericsson, Shell, ExxonMobil, Genencor, Pcubed, ProCurve and many others.

He is married to Ash, a South African and they jointly founded The Unique South Africa Trust that assists previously disadvantaged South African children to become tomorrow’s leaders in the arts, commerce, sports and politics.

An avid cricket, rugby and motor racing fan, he is always looking for the opportunity to work with his international clients at the right time, in the right place!

Key Note speaker Business Conference Israel

Facilitating Acclivus's MAPS(R) - Shell AFrica